Featured Keynotes

The Leader CVS

In this keynote, Amr will dive through the Core Value System (C.V.S) of your leaders to clarify their values, redefine their most important priorities, and building happier life and work around what matter the most. With a sequence of defined actions, each leader will have a clear plan for his next Value Based Moves in the organization.

Unleash the Entrepreneur Within

Entrepreneurship is all about Innovation, Risk Taking, and Hard work. These critical attitudes are becoming a true definition for the true leader and effective professional in any organization. Amr will take it from here, Building the Entrepreneurial mindset into your organization.

Leadership Intelligence

Who ask is the one who leads. When you ask a powerful question, you redirect the focus toward a powerful direction. In this Keynote, Amr will coach your leaders through a series of purposeful leadership questions to unleash their leadership intelligence. This talk is around leading others, empowerment, and true motivation.

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